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  Elite Title & Escrow LLC can provide a quick quote for your refinancing loan.

Title Insurance : The new lender will require a Lender's Title Insurance policy. The estimated cost of the Lender's Title Insurance as shown below

$2.90/ $1,000
$2.70/ $1,000
$2.30/$ 1,000
$1.85/ $1,000
Loan amount for the first $250,000
Up to $500,000
Up to $1,000,000
Up to $2,000,000

For Policy over $2,000,000 please contact Elite Title & Escrow LLC for a quote

If you currently have an Owner's Title Insurance policy (less than 10 years old), we will issue the new lender's policy at a discount rate.

** All fees are subject to change and any extraordinary services
will be subject to additional Charges.**